Tuesday, 08 November 2016 21:24

Both Hillary and Trump are wrong: Sunny Leone

Newsflash Desk I just returned from the US and it is such an interesting time. No one wants to talk about who they are voting for. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their fair share of flaws. One is crazy; the other, crazier. Everyone is waiting with bated breath to find out what happens over the next 24 hours. Daniel (Weber, husband) already announced during Sunday dinner that we are not sleeping all night. We have to be up, to know what happens to that country, and to this world. The larger question on everyone’s mind is: Who is worse than whom? In a democracy, it eventually boils down to who will do a better job. Both Hillary and Donald are wrong in their own ways. People are stuck in a hard place, trying to figure the better of two evils, mid-day reports. The (US election) topic comes up during informal conversations, dinners, meetings and someone says, “Hey, I am voting for Clinton”. Another one says, “I am voting for Trump.” Then there is this restless, haunting sort of silence in the room. The I-hate-her, and I-hate-him complaints follow. We have all voted at some point. But people like to be hush-hush about who they voted for. Obama will be missed Meanwhile, there is a sense that President Obama will be deeply missed. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that some of his policies didn’t help the middle-class Americans much -- for instance, ObamaCare. My brother Sundeep Singh Vohra (a chef) falls into the bracket of people who aren’t minting millions of dollars. When ObamaCare came, he was devastated. A big chunk of his income disappeared even before reaching his hands. Health care earlier was $60, maximum $100; post that policy, it became three to four times that. That’s a lot of burden on an average-earning income—probably $300, which is how much they need for food all month. This is just one of Obama’s policies that I didn’t agree with. Of course, there are things he has done a terrific job with as well. Right and wrong is subjective, based on personal experiences. It is heart breaking to see people paying such heavy amounts on employee taxes. Yes, the world was lured by the man who looks great on camera, has a beautiful family, but when you break it down to what’s important to each individual in that country and not the full picture, you will see his misses at catering to those individual needs. Now, realistically speaking, Trump is not going to meet all those needs. Neither can Clinton. So all they can do is try being a good leader, and bring smiles to most faces in the country.
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