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Sabira emerges with incredible talent in literature and music

Newsflash Desk In her uniqueness in different genres of creative works, popular writer and singer Sabira Sultana has emerged with extraordinary talent in Bangla literature and music. Born and raised in a culturally oriented family, Sabira's love for music began at an early age. Her beloved father used to wake her up every morning doing reyaaz (practice) which is sine qua non for preparing the voice. She has not limited herself in music, this promising singer loves to writes on different issues around her. With her huge aspiration and incredible creative talent, she wrote 13 books, which are available at the 229 and 230 number stalls of Ekushey Book Fair. In 2000, Sabira published her first poetry book titled "Atlantik Opar" with her pen name "Aphriya". Sabira's some popular books are Shekrer Sandhane, Kobitar Chhyapath, Akjan Humayan Ahmed O tar Nuhash Palli and Omar Bhar Likta Raha and Cheers. While talking to BSS, Sabira said, "All ages of people are readers of her books. I am getting impressive response from visitors of the fair, who have shown their interests to read my books." "This response has increased my responsibility towards my readers....I want to continue my writings to satisfy them," she added. Sabira loves to travel and live with touch of nature. She visited different countries to gather knowledge and experiences, which excellently have reflected in her different books. She lived in the USA with her family. But in that time, she felt profound love towards Bangladesh. Showing deep loves towards motherlands and its nature and beauty, Sabira returned Bangladesh to get involved with music and literature works. Nature-lover Sabira Sultana also has passion for science and cosmology. All these things have influenced deeply her all creative works.
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