Sunday, 15 February 2015 09:50

Dhaka celebrates as first signs of spring emerge

Staff Correspondent

The thaw is here. Spring – the season of joy, rebirth and romance, of restored beauty and energy, buoyant activity, and spiritual renewal – has finally come, after months of erratic weather pattern that saw the temperature fall sometimes sharply only to rise to a tolerable limit again.

Pahela Phalgun, the first day of Falgun marking the arrival of the spring season, began precisely as it should have, with dance, music and plenty of mirth and rapturous merriment – revelers clad in ceremonial clothing befitting an occasion of this nature.

Signs that gladden the heart, signs of winter finally releasing its grip and Mother Nature beginning to stir, were heartily welcomed by the winter-tired Dhakaites – men, women, children, the elderly – who gathered on the streets and open grounds and common places of meeting.

The air was one of joy and festivity. The smiles came unguarded and in abundance, reminding one of the famous spring poem by D. H. Lawrence, The Enkindled Spring, which beautifully captured the universal essence of joy felt at the advent of spring.

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