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Climate strategy review Must be Done by Local Expert

NEWS FLASH DESK A group of 30 Rights Based Civil Society Network protested the government ini%a%ve to review the BCCSAP-2009 (Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Ac%on Plan-2009) by engaging foreign expert. Besides, they also demanded to review the BCCSAP-2009 by appoin%ng local consultants (those are interna%onally recognized) with following inclusive process. The press conference %tled “BCCSAP-2009 Review: Must be done by local consultants and Inclusive Process” was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD, Syed Aminul Hoque from the same organiza%on presented the key notes on behalf of the networks. Among others, Mr. Mizanur Rahaman Bijoy of Network on Climate Change Bangladesh, Aminur Rasul Babul of Unnayan Dhara Trust, Mr. ProdipK Roy of Center for Sustainable Rural Live livelihood and Motaher Hossen of Bangladesh Climate Journalist forum spoke at the event. In the key note presenta%on, Syed Aminul Hoque said, as a condi%on of donor ec%ve and country interest bearing. Those are; i. BCCSAP Review must be done following inclusive process with mass par%cipa%on, ii. Review should focus coastal vulnerability and their survival strategy that means adapta%on should be focused as priority, iii. Mi%ga%on ac%on must be limited in reviewed BCCSAP considering the reality of GHG (Green House Gas) emission and by no means will force or create pressure for vulnerable people and iv. The reviewed BCCSAP will be consistence with country’s other long term development policies like 7th Five year Plan and SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) targets.Mizanur Rahaman Bijoy said, BCCSAP is a state document and it was declared as a living document during its development. So, our government will have to own this and it must be reviewed with the par%cipa%on of climate vulnerable people, poli%cal leaders and CSOs. Hiring so called foreign experts is not an appropriate strategy in this regard.Aminur Rasul said, there are needs to ensure necessary coordina%on among the ministries to make an e>ec%ve review of our BCCSAP, because this is an important document for interna%onal assistance and all ministries somehow have responsibility and will have to implement program related with climate change at present and future.Prodip.K. Roy said, we have done PRSP (Poverty Reduc%on Strategy Paper) by foreign consultant, but didn’t get good result. In case of developing planning document like BCCSAP, we should not go for such mistake again that will damage us and our interest.Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD said that we have enough interna%onally recognized Bangladeshi consultants those are able to do it very e>ec%vely. He urge to government to facilitate country driven process for BCCSAP review. Reporte
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