Saturday, 13 December 2014 09:15

Chief Justice wants more judges, Courts

Staff Correspondent

Chief Justice Muzammel Hossain yesterday stressed the need for appointing more judges and manpower as well as increasing the number of courts for reducing the backlog of cases. “The huge backlog of cases is a major hurdle to getting justice by the people,” he said while addressing 17th founding anniversary of Jatiya Samannita Unnayan Foundation, a social-economic development organisation, at Diploma Engineers’ Institute in the capital.

The chief justice also said if the number of judges and manpower at the courts can be increased, the backlog of cases will be reduced.

He said, “The opportunity for the judges to get involved in social works is very limited. But, the judges are always engaged with the welfare of the society and the state through ensuring justice.” Appointment of competent, experienced and honest judges at the courts can help reducing the backlog of cases, he added.

A huge backlog of around 2.3 million cases is pending with the courts across the country including the Appellate Division and High Court Division of the Supreme Court (SC).

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